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Neil was a remarkable young man who lived life’s moments to their fullest. His presence impacted, and changed for the better, all those who were fortunate enough to be in his company.

Even though life is often measured in years, with Neil it is more fitting to measure it in terms of his accomplishments. After graduating from Clovis West High School in 2003, he went on to attend the University of California, Irvine, and received a degree in Psychology in 2008. While at U.C. Irvine he was a member of the Crew team, a researcher in the Brain Imaging Center, and a great friend to all his classmates. His success at U.C. Irvine included receiving a patent for MEFWAY, and being awarded a 1st place prize at the Young Investigators Award by the Society of Nuclear Medicine, in Toronto. He continued his academic pursuits as a Fulbright Scholar, attending the Karolinska Institute where he continued his research in brain imaging. Soon after, he attended the University of Cambridge, in England, on a full scholarship.

Neil accomplished a lot in his life, and always lived every moment to its fullest. Along with his academic accomplishments he will be remembered for touching people’s hearts, for always helping others, and for living compassionately. He was a phenomenal athlete, a great human being and enjoyed playing every sport.  He loved tennis, crew, biking, running, soccer, floor ball, hiking, and mountain climbing.

He wanted to travel to India to learn yoga, meditation, Hindi, and to live with family and friends. Fortunately he was able to do all of this which is where he finally found his peace. He accomplished more in his 26 years than some do in 100 years.  He reached the end of his journey in India, having found what he was looking for.

Neil’s life was splendid but was tragically cut short while running a race in Gurgaon near Delhi, India.  During the race he suffered heat stroke and rhabdomyolysis (muscle break down) and did not receive immediate medical attention which compounded the severity of these problems.  He was ultimately taken to Max Hospital in Saket, Delhi where he was treated for Kidney and Liver failure along with severe muscle break down.  Neil spent 32 days in the medical ICU fighting for his life finally succumbing to hospital-acquired infections.  Neil once said running is my religion and he died for his religion.

Through this foundation we want to continue Neil’s legacy by helping those in need, and improving the quality of life of for people.

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  1. Dear Suchita & Harsh:
    Yes! He lived a full life in those twenty six years; your memories of him will be of Neil in infancy, adolescence and youth- he will never grow old! He is the youthful character who stretched his hands out to encompass the world- that is the image you will have of him.
    Jey and I would like to contribute to the Neil Saigal Fund. We would like our contribution to be earmarked for a child’s education- a child born in the Central Valley where Neil spent his childhood. Is this your idea also? Or do you have broader goals? Let us know.
    May Neil attain Nirvana!
    Nalini & Jey

  2. georgeta ivers says:

    My daughter, Elena Cristiana Ilioi, had the honore to be friends whit Neil. They meet in Cambrige and got to spend time togheter. The news of Neil;s death, devasteted my daughter and she is still in shock. We pray for you and my love goes to you in this hard time. My daughter told me what a special gentleman, he was, he will always be remember by his friends, he will always be in may daughters heart..
    my deapest sympaty goes to you.
    My daughter and myself did’nt know how to get in touch whit you and I am glad I have this oportunity to write to Neils’s family.
    Neil,rest in pace and God be whit your family in this hard, hard time.
    In Neil’s memory I will try to help NSMF.
    Georgeta Ivers

    • hsaigal says:

      THANKS for all your Good Wishes!!! We MISS Neil EVERY MINUTE!!! He was so precious to Eveyone. He touched so many people around the world. I wonder if he knew how much we A:LL loved him. Take care, Sue Saigal.

  3. John Dodds says:

    Neil and I sang together in the barbershop quartet in the children’s production of “The Music Man” in Fresno. He was enjoyable to be around — joking with him and having fun. I am sorry to hear about your loss.

  4. Ramiro C Delgado says:

    We never had the opportunity to meet Neil, however we felt Neil’s love, guidance, strength, gentelness and compassion thru his father where our four children have always been treated with love and concern. Thank you so much for letting us feel the love of a son thru a father. Although we may not speak much Dr we are so so sorry for your loss, we know how to greive with those who have lost someone very dear to there hearts and for this we send our condolences and sorrow.

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