Neil was honored in Washington D.C. in the House of Representatives by Congressmen Jeff Denham on October 11,2011

Dear Mrs. Saigal,

Thank you for contacting me regarding a statement I made before the House of Representatives as an Extension of Remarks on October 11, 2011 honoring Mr. Neil Saigal. I have printed the contents of this statement on the Congressional Record in this correspondence.

“Mr. Denham of California: Mr. Speaker: I rise today to honor the life and legacy of Neil Saigal, a remarkable young man who will be remembered as someone who lived life’s moments to their fullest. His presence impacted, and changed for the better, all those who were fortunate enough to be in his company.

“It’s hard to imagine that such a bright flame has been extinguished, and even harder to imagine that we won’t one day see Neil again with his camera in hand, a story to tell, and a witty remark on his lips. While we all miss Neil, we take comfort in knowing that God had better plans for him, and that he’s found peace. Before Neil passed away he was living in India, surrounded by family and everything he loved in life. He was learning meditation, practicing yoga, and playing any number of sports every day.

“Even though we often measure life in years, with Neil it is more fitting to measure it in terms of accomplishments. Everything Neil did, he did in splendid fashion. After graduating from Clovis West High School in 2003, he went on to attend the University of California, Irvine, and received a degree in Psychology in 2008. While at U.C. Irvine he was a member of the Crew team, a researcher in the Brain Imaging Center, and a great friend to all his classmates. His success at U.C. Irvine included receiving a patent for MEFWAY, and being awarded a 1st place prize at the Young Investigators Award by the Society of Nuclear Medicine, in Toronto. He continued his academic pursuits as a Fulbright Scholar, attending the Karolinska Institute where he continued his research in brain imaging. Soon after, he attended the University of Cambridge, in England, on a full scholarship. Neil’s most notable accomplishment however was not academic, but moral – living compassionately, selflessly, and always thinking of those around him.

“Mr. Speaker, please join me in remembering Neil for his thirst for life, love of nature, insatiable curiosity, humble spirit, and warm heart.”

Once again, thank you for contacting me. I encourage you to stay up to date with my activity in Washington and in the 19th District on my website,, and on my social media sites: @RepJeffDenham on Twitter and Representative Jeff Denham on Facebook.


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