About NSMF


To help citizens improve their lives through a balance between health and education (both academic and spiritual).


To help children build, strengthen and sustain individual, family and community life.


To cultivate leadership and philanthropy through fostering a spirit of goodwill, understanding and respect for all.


At present the foundation is supporting 8 local students through 4 years of college by providing scholarships of $ 1500/ year.
Initial funding is through donation by friends and family who loved and believed in Neil. Ongoing funding will be accomplished through personal requests, voluntary donations and fundraising events. The Saigal family promises to make up any shortfall in fund raising of at least $12,000 per year, for as long as financially feasible.


Utilization of funds:
Funds will be used to provide ongoing scholarships to needy individuals.


Arrange spiritual discourses for the community at no cost.


Support Yoga and meditation in the community to help improve physical and mental health.


Support research in Heat stroke and Rhabdomyolysis and help prevent further loss of life from these causes.




Both the mission and the utilization of funds are likely to change as the foundation matures and learns what works and what does not work, what is needed in the community and what is not.


The board is committed to work under the guidelines of the IRS rules for 501(c)(3) for non-profit organizations. None of the funds will be used for personal benefits of individuals and under no circumstances will the foundation indulge in any political activity.


The board is also committed to make the selection process for scholarships etc very transparent. No unfair advantage will be given to any known and related parties of the board. If the board knows a candidate applying for the positions, an unbiased separate selection team would be put in place.



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